Medical Costs After an
Injury Accident

You’ve been injured in an accident, and likely have spent a fair amount of time with your local medical professionals or health care providers. Perhaps you were transported  to the emergency room by ambulance, or had x-rays done to determine the extent of your injuries; maybe you even had to go through surgery. Soon thereafter, you’re dealing with follow up visits and possibly physical therapy or acute rehab.

Without question, if you were injured in an accident, costly bills were probably incurred. You may have already taken the first step and submitted a claim to the appropriate insurance company for the person who caused your accident. An equally important second step is to reach out to your own health insurance provider and file a claim with them. Unfortunately, an injury claim can take an extended amount of time to process and sometimes the insurance company refuses to settle. If so, you may have to file a lawsuit, which can mean years before you’re compensated for your injuries. The effects of this can impact your lifestyle, your credit and your emotional well-being.

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